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I’m very excited, because we are off to a terrific start with The Flavour Thesaurus.

The Sunday Times gave us a fantastic review, and we’re now The Most Requested Cookery Book on Amazon.

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  • Amy

    Niki – the book is astonishing. The idea is genius – but the way you’ve done it is brilliant. I need a kitchen copy. A coffee-table copy AND a bedside copy!

  • kerry millett

    Hey Nick,
    Nice to find your book site.
    I has an email from a friend today who was at our wedding and obviously talked to you about the book then. She’d read a review, had bought a copy and mailed me to check it was one and the same authoress!! She’s buying multiples for friends for Christmas apparently.
    Hope all going well
    Love to you and Nat
    See you soon

  • Jo

    Any plans to print a poster of the flavor wheel?

    • Niki Segnit

      Not at the moment, I’m afraid…

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