“Spectacularly good…If it were a novel, it’d be a shoo-in for the Booker…undoubtedly the cookbook of the year – possibly the decade” (Elizabeth Luard)

“In her writing, Niki Segnit brings together a towering edifice of cooks, food writers and experts to inspire the utmost confidence. And even as she presents their weightier points, she makes absolutely sure noone falls asleep. Chuckling away while reading a book about food is not something that happens to me very often; it’s a regular occurrence with either of Segnit’s books on my lap” (Yotam Ottolenghi)

“What makes this book really special, just like The Flavour Thesaurus, aside from Niki’s impressive expertise, is her humour and personality. It’s a joy to read” (Olive magazine)

“It’s a clever idea…a fabulous read” (Harry Wallop, The Times)

“Segnit is a warm and funny writer, which makes what might be an intimidating book surprisingly approachable…one of the most exciting cookery books I’ve read this year” (Olivia Potts, Literary Review)

Lateral Cooking is a beautifully simple book that just makes sense. I’m hooked again” (Kenny Tutt, MasterChef champion 2018)

“If you’re a food geek or want to really understand food or just want a go to book for recipes then this should be alongside The Silver Spoon and Le Repertoire, that’s where it’s going on my shelf” (Mat Follas, MasterChef champion 2009)

“It’s a book you’ll buy not so much for the recipes, though there are plenty, but the insights it will give you on how the whole process of cooking works…A cracking read” (Fiona Beckett)

“This isn’t a reference book, it’s an engrossing read for foodies” (What’s Hot blog)

“A cooking bible…a must-have in every kitchen, I’m blown away!” (Amy Treasure blog)

“It’s an absolute triumph, want to take a week off work to read it and cook as I go…cannot recommend enough! If you loved The Flavour Thesaurus, this is basically Christmas” (Rukmini Iyer)

“Want to graduate from a rigid recipe-follower to an instinctive, ingredient-led cook? Niki Segnit shows you how” (Waitrose Food)

“A textbook you’ll turn to for all your culinary core techniques and queries” (Good Housekeeping)